The Only Cloudy Week in Florida


Florida narrowly escaped the wrath of Irene, but they couldn’t avoid all the weather that accompanied it. So instead of flying into sunny skies, I managed to arrive in Venice during the only cloudy week they’ve had in a while. Still, I didn’t mind too much as it lowered the temperature to a comfortable 90°F.

I happened to arrive a few days before my great-aunt and great-uncle’s 60th wedding anniversary, which meant that I was able to see relatives that I had either not seen in 10 years, or had never met! Before the family started to pour in, I got to enjoy some quality time with my grandparents. I quickly discovered that their house was surrounded by animals I hadn’t seen since I left Texas: lizards! Can you spot the one I found amongst the flora?

We drove out to Nokomis Groves – an orange grove that was also supposed to have the most amazing soft serve. Sadly, you couldn’t explore the actual groves themselves, so I made do with the painted depiction.

I had what seemed to be the most logical combination: chocolate and orange. Seriously, what other combination of ice cream can beat that? Besides, it grew on a tree, so it’s completely natural!

I did make it to the beach a couple of times, but decided that experiencing the warm water was of far higher priority than documenting it! The rest of the trip was consumed by family activities and getting to know my extended family. After the anniversary celebration, I left Florida to make my way back to Seattle (by way of CLT and DFW). It was time to prepare for my move to San Francisco!

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