Changing how we impact culture and engineering complexity

Over the years, I’ve built up a repository of resources that have shaped my thinking about software engineering, open source, work, life, and so much more. Every so often, I reference them in conversation and am asked for links, other recommendations, and thoughts or commentary about them. This year, I’ll be posting two or three every month, both as a way to revisit them as well as share a few thoughts about how they have changed how I journey throughout this (sometimes confusing) world.

Using Obsidian as a Rolodex

As someone who grew up without always having a computer on hand, I have an endless supply of notebooks that are scattered throughout the house. If you leafed through one, you’d discover everything from sketches to hastily jotted down dimensions to contextless phrases that surely were important at the time. I do love the act of writing, but it doesn’t work amazingly well for cross-referencing or context-switching. One of the areas that I find needs more structure and organization is that of keeping track of my contacts....

2023-01-22 · 3 min · julia ferraioli · productivity

Open source and social systems

Shifting the view of open source from the resulting code to the social systems that create the code is critical when driving towards long-term sustainability of technology as a whole.

Bringing together a social model of open source

What can we do with a social model of open source? The opportunities are endless.

Identifying and sharing the status of open source projects

Identifying and sharing the status of open source projects.

Five ways to care for your open source contributors

How to encourage a thriving open source community.

Why your git email address matters

The email that you use with your open source commits isn’t just perfunctory—it can communicate intent and important context

How to empower your open source users and contributors

Breaking down the barriers to open source contribution.

Why open source projects should embrace operational transparency

There’s so much more to open source than what fits into a license.

A vision for a social model of open source

There’s so much more to open source than what fits into a license.