Valuing undervalued superpowers

On doing glue work, a critical role that is too often considered expendable.

One Piece of Advice

A couple of weeks ago, Jessica Rose posed this question to the tech crowd: What piece of advice do you wish you had been given when you entered the industry? — Jessica Rose (@jesslynnrose) August 7, 2017 It’s a great question. Previously, I had different answers depending what age range I was addressing – one for middle school students, and another one entirely for college students. While the answers I’ve given have changed throughout my career, I think I can consolidate all the different versions into this one:...

2017-08-25 · 5 min · julia ferraioli · Career

Do you even...?

What happened? Last Monday in Seattle I ran logistics for a monthly meetup. I secured the speaker, arranged the room, and secured us food. I wanted to make it an awesome event because I’ve enjoyed working with the technology in question and have even given a few talks on the subject. We had a lot of interest from the Seattle community, the speaker gave a fantastic presentation, and answered a bunch of great questions at the end....