Accessibility is More Than Ramps

Today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day. While the day focuses on digital accessibility, I’d like to take the opportunity to talk about an important aspect of prioritizing accessibility in the technology that we build: creating environments that include disabled employees.

Disability realism and emotional labor

This month’s influential articles dive into discriminatory behavior along two different axes.

Changing how we impact culture and engineering complexity

Over the years, I’ve built up a repository of resources that have shaped my thinking about software engineering, open source, work, life, and so much more. Every so often, I reference them in conversation and am asked for links, other recommendations, and thoughts or commentary about them. This year, I’ll be posting two or three every month, both as a way to revisit them as well as share a few thoughts about how they have changed how I journey throughout this (sometimes confusing) world.

Evolving your hierarchy of developer needs: when things go wrong

Last week at [APIStrat Chicago]( APIStrat Chicago), I gave a new and improved version of my Hierarchy of Developer Needs keynote that I initially debuted at [Glue Conference]( Glue Conference) in May. That first version of the talk and blog entry addressed primarily how to go about identifying your developer and constructing your hierarchy. However, in this version, I dove into what can go wrong with your hierarchy, and how you can go about correcting problems that might arise....

Do you even...?

What happened? Last Monday in Seattle I ran logistics for a monthly meetup. I secured the speaker, arranged the room, and secured us food. I wanted to make it an awesome event because I’ve enjoyed working with the technology in question and have even given a few talks on the subject. We had a lot of interest from the Seattle community, the speaker gave a fantastic presentation, and answered a bunch of great questions at the end....

Hierarchy of Developer Needs

Last week, I traveled out to Colorado to give a keynote at Glue Conference on the hierarchy of developer needs. Video: Slides: Hierarchy of Developer Needs on SpeakerDeck It is a talk that I’ve wanted to give for a while, and what better place to debut it than one of the best developer conferences out there? However, as I rehearsed it, delivered it, and talked to developers afterwards, I realized that I had so much more to say than my slides and script allowed....