Five ways to care for your open source contributors

How to encourage a thriving open source community

2022-06-06 · 6 min · julia ferraioli

Why your git email address matters

The email that you use with your open source commits isn’t just perfunctory—it can communicate intent and important context

2022-04-10 · 2 min · julia ferraioli

How to empower your open source users and contributors

Breaking down the barriers to open source contribution

2022-04-04 · 5 min · julia ferraioli

Why open source projects should embrace operational transparency

There’s so much more to open source than what fits into a license.

2022-02-02 · 5 min · julia ferraioli

A vision for a social model of open source

There’s so much more to open source than what fits into a license.

2021-11-29 · 5 min · julia ferraioli

So you're working from home: a primer, part 2

Hopefully you’ve identified rituals for your “commute” and have set up your space in a way that’s conducive to work. But how do you go from turning around and asking your colleague a question to communicating and collaborating in a much more…intentional way? The virtual “turn around” (🎶bright eyes🎶) If you work on a team that’s used to being largely in person together (or in clusters), working from home is going to hit you pretty hard....

2020-03-11 · 4 min · julia ferraioli

So you're working from home: a primer, part 1

With so many people suddenly working remotely, I thought I’d share some tips that I’ve learned over the years as I’ve worked from home. As many are discovering, it’s not just a matter of opening up your laptop on your couch and getting to work. There are lots of distractions and differences – some subtle, some not – when working from home. Getting ready and winding down If you’ve been working from an office primarily, you probably have a commute....

2020-03-09 · 3 min · julia ferraioli

Using image descriptions in Instagram posts

It’s pretty common knowledge now that you can set image descriptions on Twitter, but did you know that you can set them on your Instagram posts too? Here’s a quick tutorial on how to do it. Let’s say I want to share a photo of my dog, Luna. The first steps are the same as the usual Instagram process: I select a photo, apply a filter, and write a description. That takes me here:...

2020-03-06 · 1 min · julia ferraioli

Using buffer to set image descriptions

Descriptions on images, also known as alt-text, are important for people reading your content using a screen reader or other assistive technology. Screen readers synthesize on-screen text, which allows people who are blind or have low vision to interact with technology. However, images cannot be “read out loud” the same way that text can, so screen readers rely on the person posting the image to set the description via alt-text, and synthesize that property instead....

2019-03-10 · 2 min · julia ferraioli

Conference: All Things Open 2018

All Things Open is a conference dedicated to open source tech and practices. Although ostensibly focused on tech in the enterprise, many of the talks applied to non-enterprise audiences as well. It’s a multi-multi-multi-track conference, with 4000+ attendees, held in Raleigh, NC. I hadn’t attended before, and since I live so close now, I decided to go! I’m all for the hallway track, but I was determined to make it to at least some sessions each day....

2018-10-30 · 3 min · julia ferraioli