Using Dataview with the Obsidian Rolodex

Turning my Obsidian Rolodex into a queryable database!

2023-03-22 · 3 min · julia ferraioli · productivity

Using Obsidian as a Rolodex

As someone who grew up without always having a computer on hand, I have an endless supply of notebooks that are scattered throughout the house. If you leafed through one, you’d discover everything from sketches to hastily jotted down dimensions to contextless phrases that surely were important at the time. I do love the act of writing, but it doesn’t work amazingly well for cross-referencing or context-switching. One of the areas that I find needs more structure and organization is that of keeping track of my contacts....

2023-01-22 · 3 min · julia ferraioli · productivity

So you're working from home: a primer, part 2

Hopefully you’ve identified rituals for your “commute” and have set up your space in a way that’s conducive to work. But how do you go from turning around and asking your colleague a question to communicating and collaborating in a much more…intentional way? The virtual “turn around” (🎶bright eyes🎶) If you work on a team that’s used to being largely in person together (or in clusters), working from home is going to hit you pretty hard....

2020-03-11 · 4 min · julia ferraioli · productivity

So you're working from home: a primer, part 1

With so many people suddenly working remotely, I thought I’d share some tips that I’ve learned over the years as I’ve worked from home. As many are discovering, it’s not just a matter of opening up your laptop on your couch and getting to work. There are lots of distractions and differences – some subtle, some not – when working from home. Getting ready and winding down If you’ve been working from an office primarily, you probably have a commute....

2020-03-09 · 3 min · julia ferraioli · productivity