A critical look at the disparity of failures in demographic inference tools

What’s in a name? What’s not in a name? And why does this rose not smell so sweet?

Breaking down implications in data and data collection

Who is present in the data we collect? Who isn’t? And what does it matter?

Misadventures in sleeping

My enemy, nighttime Starting from a really early age, I had difficulties sleeping. Let’s call these difficulties insomnia on steroids. I couldn’t fall asleep, and when I did, there was no way I could stay asleep. It impaired my life so much, that I would frequently fall asleep at various points during the day out of sheer exhaustion. Words like narcolepsy were thrown around. Those sleeping pills that are supposed to be a temporary fix looked like they might become a permanent fixture....

2013-01-28 · 4 min · julia ferraioli · Life